Monday, January 6, 2014

XTO's Bob Simpson Upgrades Spread in Montserrat

While taking a quick Google trip over Montserrat, I saw (on updated maps) that Bob Simpson, Co-Founder of oil/gas giant XTO and Co-Owner of the Texas Rangers, has upgraded his estate over on Bella Terra.  The home, appraised over $5 mil in 2013, is around 20,000 sq. feet and now includes some type of wade-pond and, my favorite, a Texas Rangers sport court.  Too cool.  Nice upgrade Simpson!

Picture attribution: Google.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Late Kidd Kraddick's Home in east Fort Worth

The news of Kidd Kraddick's sudden passing has stunned a lot of people.  He was an influential figure, both in radio and philanthropy, giving his money and time to benefit others.  He will be dearly missed by many.

According to Wikipedia, Kidd's real name was David Peter Cradick.  A search of the appraisal district shows Kidd owned a home near the Waterchase Golf Club of east Fort Worth on Waterchase Drive.  The neighborhood is fairly hidden tucked behind into the hills north of I30 and Eastchase Parkway.  His home in the 8900 block of Waterchase Drive was around 5,000 sq. feet and includes a 4 car garage and pool.

The owner of the home, listed as David Peter Cradick, also included the address of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning at 220 W. Las Colinas Blvd in Irving, Suite 210.  David P. Cradick and Carol (who he divorced in 2008, according to Wikipedia) also own a vacant lot on the same street.

Picture Attribution to Google

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aerial Pics of former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond's Westlake Mansion

The first few aerial pictures of Lee Raymond's sprawling 13,000+ sq. foot home in Westlake are now included in the update on Google's map system.  They show the home still under construction (don't have an exact date).  If you missed my first little write up, Raymond, the former CEO of energy giant ExxonMobil, began building this home in 2010. The 13,250 sq. foot home includes lots of garage space. Congrats on the new home, Lee - it's nice!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UPDATE: CEO of Duck Commander and Hit TV Star Willie Robertson's Home in Monroe, LA

UPDATE! Since publishing this article, we've received information that this is NOT Willie's home, just merely a mock home. Either way, here is the house seen on Duck Dynasty!

I love Duck Dynasty.  I swear I've seen every episode multiple times.  Whether its Jase picking on Willie or Uncle Si telling war stories from Vietnam, every episode is filled with fun, humor, and togetherness.  It's a great show.  America needs a good dose of faith and family, and the Robertson clan is a perfect example.

Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson's father, invented the duck call.  Willie took over as CEO of the company and turned it into a multi-million dollar operation in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Throughout the TV show, there are glimpses of Willie's home, so I figured I'd do some googling and check it out.  

And here is what I found!  Yes, if you watch the show, you've seen the home before.  While Phil Robertson and Miss Kay enjoy a small, quite, and humble abode in the woods, Willie along with his wife Korie and their children live in the lap of luxury.  This is their home on University Ave in Monroe, LA.  It's appraised at over $5.5 million dollars on 5 acres.  Sitting just across from the University of Lousiana at Monroe, the home sites on a riverfront property just northeast of downtown Monroe.  The big Duck Commander warehouse and scene of most show antics is located on Kings Lane just south of I20 and Thomas Rd. 

If you've never seen Duck Dynasty, you should check it out.  Awesome show.  You'll be laughing the whole time.  And that's a wrap, JACK!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conservative Radio Giant Glenn Beck Moves into Westlake's Vaquero from...Vaquero!

In 2011, I wrote a piece about the moving of conservative radio giant Glenn Beck into Westlake's prestigious Vaquero neighborhood.  Many news outlets reported on the move and my blogger buddy Candy Evans also did an article on this subject.  He housed up at 2208 Vaquero Estates Blvd.  Well I received an email earlier this evening with news that Glenn Beck is moving.  Just up the street, though.

2224 King Fisher Drive had been pro golfer Brandt Jobe's home for some years until it hit the market a few years ago.  In fact it was one of Vaquero's most prominent home listings.  Well thanks to an email I received from a loyal fan of North Texas Luxury, it looks like Beck has acquired 2224 King Fisher Drive!  Here's the digging:

Brandt Jobe is the listed owner of 2224 King Fisher Dr since 2003 until it hit the market several years later.  Fast forward to today.  According to Tarrant County records, the listed owner is Prince Whipple Trust under the name of Joe Kerry, who happens to be Glenn Beck Program's Chief of Staff.  The owner's address is listed as 41 Madison Ave in New York, Floor 34, which is the address attached a few webpages detailing the Glenn Beck Program.  Beck has referred to Prince Whipple, an American slave during the American Revolutionary War, several times on his website  So the listing information for the new owner of this home points towards Beck!

Thanks to Jett for tipping me off on this one...I appreciate the info!  Here is a picture of Beck's home:

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dallas' Crespi Hicks Estate Tops Most Expensive Home For Sale in the Nation - $135 Million

"Everything is bigger in Texas", including our homes.  Well, north Dallas homes at least.  The Crespi Hicks Estate has been trumping homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for years as the most expensive.  Forget the Metroplex.  It's now trumped ALL homes in the United States as "the most expensive home in America" with its listing price of $135 million.  Nope, no typo.

The sprawling estate on Walnut Hill Lane pretty much has it all.  The 42,500 sq. footer spans across 55 acres of Mayflower Estates.

Forget topping the Metroplex as #1; they've now topped the nation!

For more on this home, please visit Douglas Newby's 'Finest Estate Home in America'

Friday, December 21, 2012

Aerial Pics - Massive Dallas Estate (with Residential Waterpark) Shaping Up to be Dallas' Largest House

The media and Candy Evans are all over Dr. Richard Malouf and his estate expansion project on Billionaire's Row up in north Dallas.  As I wrote a little earlier, Malouf has purchased the home & estate just south of his sprawling French mansion (also on Strait Lane) to combine into one big ridiculous palace.

Here are two images I grabbed from Google Maps.  The updated map system shows the 30,000+ sq. foot home currently under construction and renovation.  You can also see the "residential waterpark", as its being called, in the back.  It will be interesting to see the total square footage of this house compared to Tom Hicks' Walnut Hill home.  I have a feeling Malouf's 30,000+ sq. footer here on Billionaire's Row will steal the prize for Dallas' largest home.  Stay tuned.

Pre-Malouf Expansion:

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