Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UPDATE: CEO of Duck Commander and Hit TV Star Willie Robertson's Home in Monroe, LA

UPDATE! Since publishing this article, we've received information that this is NOT Willie's home, just merely a mock home. Either way, here is the house seen on Duck Dynasty!

I love Duck Dynasty.  I swear I've seen every episode multiple times.  Whether its Jase picking on Willie or Uncle Si telling war stories from Vietnam, every episode is filled with fun, humor, and togetherness.  It's a great show.  America needs a good dose of faith and family, and the Robertson clan is a perfect example.

Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson's father, invented the duck call.  Willie took over as CEO of the company and turned it into a multi-million dollar operation in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Throughout the TV show, there are glimpses of Willie's home, so I figured I'd do some googling and check it out.  

And here is what I found!  Yes, if you watch the show, you've seen the home before.  While Phil Robertson and Miss Kay enjoy a small, quite, and humble abode in the woods, Willie along with his wife Korie and their children live in the lap of luxury.  This is their home on University Ave in Monroe, LA.  It's appraised at over $5.5 million dollars on 5 acres.  Sitting just across from the University of Lousiana at Monroe, the home sites on a riverfront property just northeast of downtown Monroe.  The big Duck Commander warehouse and scene of most show antics is located on Kings Lane just south of I20 and Thomas Rd. 

If you've never seen Duck Dynasty, you should check it out.  Awesome show.  You'll be laughing the whole time.  And that's a wrap, JACK!

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  1. This is not his real home... he lives in a single story home next door to Jase. You can easily look it up. This is just for the show.

  2. I agree, I live in Monroe and know Jase and Willie live in west monroe on the same street and the house in the pictures is a house owned by Eddie H. a guy who owns a lot of rental properties in the area. He also owns one of the worlds largest baby product manufacturing companies called Luv N' Care and owns a Steak house in Monroe They just use his house for filming. In fact, the warehouse shooting is done down the road from the warehouse shown on the show

  3. I've seen a closer view of this mansion in a luxury magazine Singapore. It looks great actually and this top view of the mansion looks great as well.