Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conservative Radio Giant Glenn Beck Moves into Westlake's Vaquero from...Vaquero!

In 2011, I wrote a piece about the moving of conservative radio giant Glenn Beck into Westlake's prestigious Vaquero neighborhood.  Many news outlets reported on the move and my blogger buddy Candy Evans also did an article on this subject.  He housed up at 2208 Vaquero Estates Blvd.  Well I received an email earlier this evening with news that Glenn Beck is moving.  Just up the street, though.

2224 King Fisher Drive had been pro golfer Brandt Jobe's home for some years until it hit the market a few years ago.  In fact it was one of Vaquero's most prominent home listings.  Well thanks to an email I received from a loyal fan of North Texas Luxury, it looks like Beck has acquired 2224 King Fisher Drive!  Here's the digging:

Brandt Jobe is the listed owner of 2224 King Fisher Dr since 2003 until it hit the market several years later.  Fast forward to today.  According to Tarrant County records, the listed owner is Prince Whipple Trust under the name of Joe Kerry, who happens to be Glenn Beck Program's Chief of Staff.  The owner's address is listed as 41 Madison Ave in New York, Floor 34, which is the address attached a few webpages detailing the Glenn Beck Program.  Beck has referred to Prince Whipple, an American slave during the American Revolutionary War, several times on his website  So the listing information for the new owner of this home points towards Beck!

Thanks to Jett for tipping me off on this one...I appreciate the info!  Here is a picture of Beck's home:

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